How to close the space under the bath

We talk not about expensive options baths, which in itself is very interesting and need not be like that ennoble. Consider the case where in our apartment has the usual cast-iron bath is not very priglyadnymi drainpipes. In this case, you experience a strong desire to like - all this cover.

The first and most simple solution would be shutters which are supported under the bath. Say old, but what the style of country music? He does not seem old to you, and it is precisely for this style is very typical, so a modern bath. In order to hang the curtains, it is necessary to build the frame. And it will hang the curtain.

For her choose a material that can then be easily washed, for example, a nonwoven material from which made the curtains for the shower, you can select any option other tissue. To replace the need to have a few blind, at least two. This is perhaps one of the most economical solutions for the arrangement of space to the bathroom.

The second option is a bit more expensive - it is the purchase of a ready screen for the bath and its installation. These screens are installed quite easily and just as important, just as easy to understand and, if there is need to repair the bathroom or what - is a problem with drainage. These screens are installed using spacers and legs that can be adjusted.

As a result, it is firmly installed under the bath, pushing one side of the bathroom, and the other on the floor. The material from which the screens are made - a plastic that is washable and resistant to high humidity. This is important, because the screen will be in the bathroom, and exposed to steam and water constantly.

These screens are available of different colors, and therefore will not be difficult to pick it necessary for you to color. The screen color can pick up the tone of the bath or bathroom walls.

There are two types of screens: solid and with sliding doors. This is a more convenient option as you can in this case, the space under the bathroom basin used to store or detergents.

To repair you need of course a tool that you can purchase from an authorized dealer Makita

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