Modern finish and flawless look

One of the new trends in decoration of the ceilings are French ceilings. It is a modern type of finish that creates a mirror smooth surface of the ceiling. Used imported components and France shrink technology with all the rules. French ceilings have a twelve-year warranty period, while maintaining coverage and color, and other technical characteristics.

It offered more than a hundred species of the tension of the web. At your request, you can choose how glossy ceilings and mirrored, frosted and even "starry sky" - the choice is huge! they do not have contraindications - an absolute advantage of suspended ceilings by French technology health harmless, do not require special care and allow to forget that such cracks and crumbling plaster. Glossy ceilings, as well as mirror, visually expand the space, "pushing its walls. These ceilings are inert to combustion.

Install ceilings and is quite easy to do it quickly enough. And, after all, you entrust this work to specialists, but lest there be any unnecessary problems. Ideally - the same experts who osuschestvlyadi measurements. To install the ceilings as they say, "without a hitch", it is necessary to observe a few guidelines:

- the room must keep the size of which is fixed at zamerah.- installation is made at the appropriate temperature.- installation must take place in the already-built premises. Today ceilings - one of the main lines of a modern interior. If a plus to this competently and successfully entered the lighting, the beauty of your ceiling to be envied!

In modern ceilings can be built into any light bulbs, even lighting. small height of the chandelier very modern look - is today "highlight". The principle of the lighting of chandelier is based on a combination of direct and reflected light. In combination with wall sconces in the same design result will exceed all expectations.

A spot lamp, two or three - level placement, and even in combination with the texture of the ceiling paintings vopldotyat to life the most imaginative, mysterious and bold ideas. Of course, there are a number of recommendations, but the best, of course, entrust this work to master their craft.

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