Sewerage system in the country with their own hands

The crisis in the world causes people to think about how to properly dispose of the funds to reduce spending on content housing, purchase of new equipment, particularly those who have a suburban housing - can be a lot of things to make their own hands.

Such as drainage of a country house with their hands, you can do so, as you so wish and cost of funds, without too much difficulty. It is only necessary to purchase the necessary components and pre-determine the structure of the design.

For country houses, there are three types of sewage. Cesspool - the most primitive, probably all aware of its shortcomings, so consider this option will not. The other two methods are more refined.

With the help of overflow wells, it can be draining, but it's not the limit of perfection, because you must first dig site, and then another, and cause a regular vacuum trucks. You will agree that it would be desirable to have less trouble relaxing at his dacha, or at his country house.

But a third option with septic tank will serve us for a long time, but also for its cleaning will need to call the scavengers, but it will be less than the embodiment №2. Many believe that in country houses worth installing stations of deep biological treatment. Such technology has been optimized for the conditions of our countries.

Many manufacturers now produce such systems with high strength and highly reliable components. One of the biggest advantages of this type of station is easy to install, it's also the cost, and they need to be cut. Having all the parts of the work can be divided into four stages:

1 - dig a pit.

2 - pull station pit.

3 - dig trenches for inlet and outlet conduits.

4 - hold electrics for aeration station.

Thus, you can combine business with pleasure, and at the same time save money.

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