We do waterproofing the floor in the toilet and bathroom

Waterproofing of the floor in the toilet and bathroom It is an integral part of the repair of premises with high humidity. This procedure allows for a long time not to worry about the state of the floor.

Waterproofing bathroom and toilet We need to ensure that would not flood the apartment neighbors, and of course his own. Waterproofing of the floor should be conducted in all areas, with links to water. This system should be under the tiles of the tile, it does not matter is a wall or floor in the bathroom.

There are several types of waterproofing: Bituminous mastic or varnishes, roll materials, waterproofing adhesive and filler in the form of mixtures and solutions. All types are used for different jobs. To begin to make a thin and flat screed height of no more than two millimeters. See to it that in the screed was no cracks or dust. After this you must tie it again. The surface of the concrete floor handle primer for concrete coatings. We are waiting for drying.

The basis for the installation of waterproofing ready. It is best to buy ready-made waterproofing in liquid form. Apply the mixture on the floor surface with a roller or brush. Angles coat with a good few times. Apply the solution in two stages. Solution is first applied and wait about six hours, then repeating application.

Continue work in the bathroom can be just a few days. It is very important that the floor dried out. On top of the waterproofing coating makes the tie again.

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