The truth about the "comfort zone"

There is much talk about the comfort zone. It is believed this is the place where we always are. This is our home, work, friends, habits and everything that surrounds us. But if we do not like something at this point, we are advised to get out of your comfort zone. The type we are fine and we are standing on the spot and the individual growth is possible only through the efforts of some who are always uncomfortable.

So I do not agree with this definition.

Let's start with the fact that the "comfort" is good, comfortable, pleasant, clear. Why change it to something opposite? After all, to vyti of your comfort zone, you first need to get there.

See how most people live. You think they do well? Ha! Yes, most no longer live in a comfort zone. Just offhand:

Families with an alcoholic;

Families with low income;

Families with poor living conditions.

And now all tin - a family with five children, in a house with no amenities, with an alcoholic father and unemployed mother. I exaggerate? Yes, this happens all the time. Imagine a mother say: "If you want to change the current situation and to live better, get out of your comfort zone."

No, we are not in the "comfort zone" and in the "habitual gesture area". Yes, the man is an animal that can get used to everything. So, to change the current situation needs to be "habitual gesture" changed to "comfort zone." Simply put, change habits, or rather buy new ones, and bring comfort in the future.

Again. Those habits of the person or the family as a whole that make life in the tin, you need to change to the other, which will make life more comfortable.


Ask yourself what is not satisfied? - I feel like a "log", there is no flexibility, the neck is stuck again, I feel like an old grandmother.

What I want? (It is important to find what you want is you. Not your surroundings, friends, bosses, family members, and you), that will bring me comfort? - Become flexible to the neck did not hurt, the splits (longitudinal and transverse), to improve the stretch.

Why do I need this? - Be flexible and healthy. And can I entice so that I would become a yoga instructor.

How can I change the current situation? Write out all the options. - Start to engage in stretching or yoga regularly. Daily. Wes Pass and output.

What do I need to do? For each option. - Find video tutorials which I'm going to do, make a study plan to buy a rug, prepare clothes for classes, allow time for stretching and add it to your plan.

To make a plan. Act, act and act again. If you want to - every day, without any gaps. Keep a diary and write in it, noting all the steps to future success.

Only in this way, developing new habits, you can get rid of the old ones. This will help to get out of the usual tin zone and be in a comfort zone.

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