Whether to acquire garden shredder for use at their summer cottage

How to choose a garden shredder. What is a garden shredder? this device is it worth to purchase for use at their summer cottage?

Garden shredder or chipper is used for the processing of vegetable raw materials. This can be branches, twigs, cones or organic waste. Shredders with sight seem very cumbersome, but they can easily be transformed and become quite compact in size. They can easily be stored and transported in the winter.

This device not only saves time for recycling residues of perennial flowers and plants, but also to receive mulch material which can subsequently be used as an organic fertilizer to improve soil structure and increase its yield. Mulch also spiked at the track or between the beds.

If you are near the land is forest, the lack of plant material you will not.

How to choose a garden shredder? processing speed feed will primarily depend on the engine power. There are garden shredders with electric power from the 1. 8 to 2 kW.

For easy loading of raw materials is better to buy garden shredders with a large funnel.

The models differ in the type of cutting mechanism. This may be a disc with two knives, a drum or a conical cutter.

If you want to buy a universal assistant, you should opt for a sufficient power models with a large funnel and a conical cutter. Such a garden shredder cope with young green shoots and dry with a rigid timber with a diameter of 3 cm.

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