Unglazed floor

Unglazed tiles can be finished flooring. It has a high strength and wear resistance, durability However, a disadvantage of such a coating is the complexity of its cutting, especially in the home. Also it harder to lay on the floor. Before laying the tiles need to carefully prepare the surface. To do this, align it: on concrete floors make a cement screed, wooden floors lay plywood. To fix the tiles need to cement paste, it was she who will provide the necessary adhesion strength of the material off the floor surface.

Cutting unglazed tile is very difficult, because it has a large thickness than conventional tiles. To work it needs a special machine or a saw with a diamond blade. The machine can be hired and work for its installation and use the unit container, which is also available to rent for the duration of the works. Laying unglazed tiles is carried out in several stages.

In the first stage laid floor. For this tile is attached to the wall on the cement paste. The second step is to make the layout as tiling begins with a central series, as well as pre-pack central series to view the correctness and accuracy of marking.

The next step is the installation of all the rows of tiles already on the cement paste. Thus it is necessary to leave gaps between the tiles, which are used special pins. Flatness of laying should be checked using a spirit level. And the final stage - is the processing of the seams between the tiles. It is executed by using cement solution and drying is carried out only after the cement mastic. Seams smeared with a solution when it is necessary to give them a concave shape. Excess cement is removed from the tile surface.

Baseboards and floor joints should be sealed. In this work come to an end and is enjoying a new durable flooring.

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