Quickly and easily make cabinet with his own hands

The most rational option for the storage of different things, especially in a small apartment is a closet. Especially if you do not have storage rooms or small balcony. The modern market is replete with a variety of different kinds of cabinets made of different materials, a wardrobe can be made to order. And you can save by making closet with his hands!

Closet It can be placed anywhere in your apartment. Especially well it will look in the hallway. And the saved money can buy anything else. Cabinets are divided into two types: built-in and freestanding. Each type has its pros and cons. Freestanding wardrobe. You can move around the apartment, as well as transfer to other apartments. But the materials will take longer for the manufacture of the cabinet, hence, the price will be higher.

Built-in wardrobe. The pros and cons opposite compared to freestanding wardrobe. Materials and Tools: • line; •level; •pencil; •drill; •knife; • screwdriver; • EAF (for side walls, the bottom cap); • Fiberboard (for the back wall).

Design wardrobe. Since stand-alone cabinet design and make more difficult, it is better to consider his example. After that, you can make a walk-in closet easily. • define the future size of the cabinet (wall, floor, cover, doors); • divide the space in the closet into sections; • If you want to make boxes, it should be noted; • define the color and shade; • decide what hardware we need items (pens, hangers, hooks). All this should be reflected in the figure on paper or computer. If you are not good at drawing, then the job can be entrusted to the designer, which is easy to realize all your ideas on paper.

Preparatory work. Take chipboard sheet and cut it to the required size elements. To make things even, it is recommended to use the services of the workshops there for a fee you will cut the size of chipboard, which you ask. When working with particleboard necessary to close the ends visible. This is done with melamine edge. The edge is attached to the end with the help of iron.

Putting cabinet 1. We note on chipboard screw holes. 2. Try on the bottom and the wall, thereby checking the correctness of part dimensions. 3. Drill the necessary holes. 4. Attach the base and secondary partition. 5. Euro screws attach the bottom wall and to each other. 6. Attach the top shelf. 7. Fasten the rear panel and the cover. 8. Fasten the side shelves. 9. Fasten door driving sections (bottom and top). 10. On the door seals are fastened on the sides. 11. On the door elements are also attached profiles and wheels. 12. Put the door: first the rear and then the front. 13. Install hangers and hooks.

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