How to drill the tile in the bathroom

It sometimes happens that when repairs need to drill tile. But for such a work process we have to be careful, otherwise the tiles could crack or break away. Drilling tiles is much more complicated than the usual wood or metal.

To avoid this you need to correctly identify the point where it will be drilled. Then, on the tile is glued masking tape and also it marked the place for drilling. On the tiles stick tape a must, as it prevented the drill slip at the initial stage of drilling and it will not crack edge. Thereafter, the process can proceed with drilling.

But for tiles is important, what should be the drill, it is necessary to take to drill tile, as with a conventional drill tiles can very easily crumble. Also important when drilling is to drill. If it applies the shock, then the most important thing in this process to disable the punch. Drilling must be very careful, for this drill with a drill is applied to the tile, gently pressed and pressed into it. Besides prevents slip on the surface of the drill donk small tiles, which is formed during drilling.

The most important thing in this work carefully drilling and adhere to the drilling speed specified in the instruction. When drilling already completed, the last thing to do is to fill the drilled hole silicone, which it has an antifungal effect, since they are specifically designed for wet premises. While silicone is not dried up, the hole plug is inserted.

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