Repair Khrushchev in part: on milestones

Since the late '50s and until adjustment throughout the former Soviet Union constructed five-story building (sometimes shestietazhki) of standard design, nicknamed "Hruschovka". They are familiar to us by the absence of elevators, a small bathroom and kitchen, low ceilings and concrete walls and floors. Those who went to such "happiness", sooner or later have to repair Khrushchev. Offer approach the issue awareness.

Let's start with the fact that
Khrushchev had several types:
Panel with load-bearing longitudinal walls and ceilings, which can be demolished;
Panel with supporting both longitudinal and transverse walls - redevelopment is almost impossible;
Rare brick Khrushchev, who built of brick outer walls and an inner frame made of reinforced concrete.

What you need to consider when planning a major overhaul in the Khrushchev?

Features of the project in the first place. Planners in the apartment are assumed small communicating rooms, bathroom often combined, and the kitchen has an area of ​​from 2-3 to 7 squares. For those interested in repairing balconies, say at once: it is necessary to strengthen the balcony slab. Because 90% of modern Khrushchev, where the balcony had not been repaired, the concrete has lost its strength, fittings, too, could rust for decades.

Overhaul shall perform the following tasks:
Additional insulation from the outside (the inside is prohibited according to GOST otherwise reinforced starts deteriorating rapidly due to bias the dew point);
Replacement of windows and doors;
Replacement and plumbing pipes;
If a particular load-bearing walls allow -
kitchen and bathroom remodeling;
Under the same condition can be re-planning of rooms.
Further operations include both capital and cosmetic repair of apartments:
floor leveling with the restoration of the waterproofing in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as with insulation throughout the apartment;
Putty and walls;
ceiling replacement attachments or tensioning (Available and plaster, but will have a good try, leveling plates. What steals the ceiling height as well).

When planning a partial repair of an apartment, with the replacement of windows carefully measure the window opening, which is often irregular quadrangle. In this case, the dimensions must be reduced to a smaller side, and then a sealant to seal the distance between the frame and the wall. also did not get with wide sills too small footprint.
In some cases, repair Khrushchev really worth to professionals who have completed more than one such project.

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