Which to choose upholstery bed

upholstery bed It can be performed both natural and synthetic materials. The highest quality and hypoallergenic upholstery materials are cotton and wool. The most popular to date, upholstery - it chenille. The structure includes shinila 55 \% acrylic and 45 \% polyester. Sometimes it combines natural and man-made fibers, allowing the fabric is perfect for upholstery beds, sofa-beds and sofas for children.

Exactly chenille your bed will provide excellent appearance for a long time: quality fabric retains its "pristine" property for many years, so long bed will look neat and "smart." However, for this under "general" clean bed to resort to the dry-cleaning. chenille Do not expose to moisture. If you prefer natural fabrics, choose a bed with a cotton cloth. Cotton is considered the most environmentally friendly and safe material. The cotton fabric content of natural fibers more than other upholstery materials.

But there shortcoming: Cotton printed fabric in operation up to 7 years. This is not quite profitable, because not many of us can buy or upholster a bed so often. Cotton padding is perfect for children's beds, so it is safe and possible covered with a protective structure that prevents abrasion and burnout fabric, not allowing it to collect dust.

In the case of children's furniture is not so acute issue upholstery wear, because children grow up, and a small bed will still have to be replaced. Yes, and order a new cover for the bed, picking up the option on his financial opportunities, not so difficult.

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