How accurately parse wooden frame

Time goes by, and wood, from which made the window frame, it comes into disrepair. The windows have to be replaced. And the fashion trend for plastic windows also leads to a change of the old wooden frames. Oh well, we decided - done, changed the window and look at it and enjoy the novelty of the material from which they are made, high-quality work of masters, do the job.

Change to change something, but what to do with the old? Of course, there is an option if you live in the city, just bring all the garbage to the garbage containers - let there zhekovskie workers understand that much. And if you do not have such an opportunity? Or if you want to remove the glass and use a whole? And here the question arises how to accurately make out the frame without damaging the glass? Otkovyrivat putty and pull the mounting studs it is very long and tedious.

I propose a solution to this problem. Take a hacksaw on wood and neatly sawed any crosspiece of the window frame. Dopilivat directly to the glass. And then, again gently pushing the frame. If the tree is not enough to break down and rot is not willing to do another inscription. Well if, and again it is impossible to understand - is making a third. It is true from my own experience - I missed only one cut to disassemble the frame in this way. There is one but maybe the first time will not work, and the glass is broken, do not despair, just need to get your feet wet with a neat frame disassembly.

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