It is important to know and use the basic principles and rules of treatment with electricity

This information, of course, can be found in any textbook without difficulty, but there are moments that are not written in textbooks. This talk today. Using electricity at home, people are also forced to use electric cables. This need arises from the moment construction of the house, when the control line is used for wiring devices, and continues throughout indefinitely long time - appliances and machines often necessarily involve the use of cables to supply electricity.

And one of the most popular cable for life - a PVA cable. Abbreviation PVA means "Lead in vinyl shell connector". As strange sounds last word (wonder if there is not a wire connection?), But this cable is very suitable - worth look at any device, whether it be a heater, a personal computer or an iron - most likely, you will see the PVA cable connecting with the instrument socket. Such as round wire can be easily seen and various power tools, from electric garden machinery, extension cords, etc.

Of what is the cable PVA? Usually it is somewhat insulated stranded copper wires PVC coated, ie the shell of the cable is made of the same, which are made from such plastic windows, only softer. Buy PVA cable snap - it is sold in most hardware and specialty stores, and on the particular use of the product in the store and can not be prevented.

The fact is that in the process of electricity supply temperature of any conductor increases. The degree of temperature rise depends on the load, which is requested to withstand cable and the cross section of the cable. In operation, the cable PVA must be understood that the maximum allowable conductor temperature 70 degrees Celsius, and the operation - to +40. Therefore, if you touch the cable noticeably warm - care must be taken to reduce the load or increase the control over the wire. Otherwise, at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius and the cable begins to melt can occur short-circuiting.

Also, when working with a PVA cable must be remembered that the unreliable loose contact - also a cause of adverse effects. Therefore, if you have to wire ends PVA connected to each other, it is better to do it with the help of special terminals. But if you have to use a twisting wires, it is necessary to verify the correctness and reliability of the resulting twisting. By the way, to isolate the twist with electrical tape is not completely secure - a loose contact and electrical tape can melt and burn. In this case, more reliable to use heat shrink tubing because neater and obtained insulated wires and much faster.

In the end it is worth noting that of the surrounding environment in which it operates cable is also worth paying attention to. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material is soft and easy to damage the metal and just solid objects with sharp edges. Therefore, make sure to use wires are in the right conditions - it is rewarding. Use caution when working with electricity, and the smaller your shorts!

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