Meet, on sale soon smartphone Blackview BV5500 pro

Smartphone Blackview BV5500 pro will go on sale on Aliespress only at the end of May, buy a pre-order now it is possible for 6 000r.

CPU stands Mediatek MT6737, set 3 GB of RAM, integrated storage capacity of 16 GB, can extend up to 32, it supports 4G connection.

Screen IPS HD + 5,5 inch, full-screen 18 by 9 ratio, glass installed Gorilla Glass 3, increased strength. It should be noted that the developers have established a fairly capacious battery to 4400 Ah, that will allow you to use your smartphone to one and a half days in peace.

Another plus of this smartphone in the noise reduction system, which is based on the use of two microphones, one responsible for the reception of sound, the second for reducing sound.

Powered smartphone operating system Android 9.0 Pie, because it reduces energy consumption, reduces the loss of hardware and software resources.

The device is waterproof, say it can safely operate at a depth of 1.8 meters for an hour. Protected from ingress of dust. It withstands high temperatures, and operates in extreme cold and heat.

A lock-on feature face detection, dual camera from Sony 8 megapixel makes good pictures at any time.

Anyone interested in the smartphone can see more details about it on by clicking on the Aliekspresse link. After May 16 will have to sell it at full price.

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