Brushes Makita: types and uses

The company MakitaWhich specializes in the production of gasoline and electric tools, produces high quality, reliable and versatile products. These advantages also apply to consumables, in particular brushes. Consumables functionality ensures that all tasks assigned to them.

existing brushes MakitaPresented on the market today, are divided into conical, disk, abrasive, as well as pan and plate. Are used brushes MakitaAs professional experts and amateurs. The basic tools are installed on the brush is the brush grinding machine Angle grinders (LBM), drills, some types of hammers, vacuum cleaners and other building Technics.

Everything brushes Makita There is evidence of its name. Information is presented in the form of two letters, that correspond to the marking tool. But buying brush should pay attention not only to the numbers and letters, but also the degree of abrasion, the liner marking the diameter, width and length of the product. Brushes sold in specialty stores, and necessarily in paper boxes. Thus on the box has a marking.

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