The secret of how to grow kiwi fruit in his garden

In summer residents and gardeners in recent decades began to gain popularity in the growing culture of Actinidia, is the older sister of kiwi. Liked it because of its taste, it is her sweet and sour, with a tender flesh and a strong smell of pineapple, have a high sugar content and have a moderate acidity. It has many medicinal properties. Actinidia grows as exotic vines, it is possible to wrap e.g. arbor, or mask it with the help of the host. the buildings.

The fruits contain a very high content of vitamin C, in terms of overtaking, even oranges, black currants, rose hips and lemon. After eating some grapes you get the daily requirement of this vitanamina. Used in the treatment of scurvy, tuberculosis, hypovitaminosis, caries, diseases of the stomach and intestines, also helps with fatigue. Tincture of the fruits of Actinidia has long been used for rheumatism and disorders of cerebral circulation.

To get a good crop you need to have both male and female plants (2 male and 5 female specimen). Common to us to grow two types of plants - kolomikta and Argut. Culture is important to humidity, due to the fact that the roots are not located deep below the surface. The soil is better suited well-drained, loamy soil rich in humus. The plant loves light, but can also accept the small opacities. If you want hardy plant, then it is best to choose the type of kolomikta. If you take good care of the plant, it can you grow in one place up to 50 years.

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Along with promising new varieties for cultivation and other varieties developed previously by different breeders: Pineapple, Clara Tsetkin VIR-1, Leningrad later, Find, Pavlov, The September, Aromatic, matte, Victory, zelenoplodnyh, Anniversary, Macrocarpa.

To propagate this culture is best cuttings, layering, using root suckers, by dividing the bushes and seeds. When seed reproduction in the progeny of the mother plants are lost properties, it is used mainly in the selection. It is therefore recommended to propagate actinides softwood cuttings or layering. Bear fruit in this case they start on the third, fourth year. Ripening occurs in August, they quickly showered, and not to lose a large part of the harvest, all the fruits are already beginning to take off when ripe 10 - 15 per cent of the fruit.

Those fruits are not ripe, it is best to place it in a cool, dry, ventilated area, without the presence of sunlight. Taste of the fruit no worse. As well as any berries, fruits of Actinidia can be frozen, used in the blanks for the winter, dry. By the way the taste of dried fruit can be equated to the raisins.

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