Close up cracks in walls

As do many people in our vast country - covering all cracks with new layers of wallpaper, try to cover their furniture - all of it is wrong, and wrong is wrong. But we should not just leave them thinking that they are in some way lost.

So, first you need to clean all the areas of the wall of dust, dirt and other unnecessary construction debris and vacuumed, in order to get rid of it all, because in these places the plaster must be kept tight. Next we need, or rather you take and cook, of course, not on the plate and in the ratio of two to one solution. So, for that you need to take two parts powder and one part water and thereby obtain the desired consistency. The resulting mass is applied to the wall by means of a trowel, and the pre-moistened with water crack place.

By the way, to consolidate the results you expected, you need to lay into the gap reinforced tape or seal it. After drying, fracture, or rather the putty that will occur after about ninety hours, you can continue the remaining repairs. As you can notice, nothing complicated in this action is not, so absolutely anyone can easily pick up a trowel and repaired all the cracks and crevices in your walls.

But do not think that experience and some banal function of ownership of building materials you do not need, just the opposite. Work it goes faster, and the result will be really good. I wish you a great repair, and I think you will be able to continue to repair and heal so to speak, all the wounds of your apartment and your home.

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