Autonomous power supply of an apartment house

A house without electricity is not possible. Moreover, demand for electricity there is already under construction: any power tool operates on the network. Yes and safety regulations require that the construction site was illuminated. Interruptions in electricity supply and often occur after entering a dwelling house in operation: the residents were forced to stay in a dark room with a de-energized electrical appliances for a long time.

An indispensable source of electricity are in these cases diesel or gasoline generators. When designing a stand-alone power supply must take into account the power of the future plant. It depends on the amount of electricity consumed by household appliances.

Any Store gasoline generators It offers a wide range of products in this group. Compact low-power units are designed primarily for power tools and equipment, but for the uninterrupted supply of power to the whole house of their energy enough. The best option for private home - a portable powerhouse.

Portable power plants are divided into two categories - petrol and diesel. Petrol units are mostly equipped with four-stroke engine. However, resource gasoline power almost two times lower than that of diesel counterparts. Indisputable advantages of gasoline generators are their portability, light weight and easy manual start. Such units are indispensable as a backup source of power, that is, in case of short and infrequent interruptions in electricity supply. As the main power source gasoline generator soon exhausts production resource.

Diesel power devices have a high margin of safety during operation practically do not make noise, they have a more economical fuel consumption and high degree of protection ignitions. There are a number of other useful options: in particular, the generators on diesel fuel have a higher capacity, are suitable for operation at constant failures in the centralized energy system. Accordingly, the price of diesel generators is quite high.

Installing generators.
Preferably, the plant of gasoline or diesel generators engaged in specialized organizations. By the way, generator sales can be carried out by the installer. And it is always preferable to the consumer, as the experts will select the desired unit type and power design the power supply system and will carry out its warranty service further.

A prerequisite for equipping of residential and industrial buildings power supply systems - efficient generator installation. Only professionals can mount a system of independent power supply in compliance with all safety requirements. After post generators be indoors certain volume, with adequate ventilation, normally functioning ventilation and exhaust system.

Power plants, installed outdoors, must be equipped with a protective cover, as a minimum. Ideally, such a protective cover protrudes special container. It provides a hardware protection against rain and snow protection from sunlight and low temperatures, as well as prevents exhaust gases from entering the installation, restrict access of strangers to the unit, performs other necessary measures precautions. Because, as in the treatment of any complex engineering instruments, while using power safety are not redundant.

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