How to make a beautiful and modern ceiling

Make a beautiful and modern ceiling can now everyone. Determine in advance? What form will the ceiling and? armed with the necessary materials, proceed with installation.

You will need


Step-by-step instruction

To the first level of the ceiling was flat, run around the perimeter of the horizontal straight line.

Now, attach the rail to the wall. If the room has a window, then turn away from it 20 cm - the distance will be used for future niches under the eaves.

After a profile attached to the wall, you need to insert a larger profile in it. They should be distributed so that the seam was in the middle of plasterboard.

Make a pencil mark on the ceiling, and attach the suspensions. three of them are commonly used on one channel. If the area of ​​the room is very large, the number of fasteners increases.

Then, proceed to the second level assembly skeleton. The distance between levels should be about 13 cm. the second level begin to build a frame of the window, corresponding to the desired shape.

Next, proceed to suturing the first plasterboard ceiling level. Try not to spoil the paper when tightening screws. Also, perpendicular to the first and second level, obsheyte ceiling frame.

Once these steps have been completed, cut from sheets of drywall the required shape for the second level and obsheyte it.

Calculate the approximate location of the diffusers on the ceiling, make a hole for them. It is important to bear in mind that the ceiling must be symmetrical to each other.

Using dilute gypsum slurry, proceed to spackling first ceiling level. Apply plaster uniformly thin layer. A day after drying putty start to overwrite the ceiling.

After grouting make the perimeter of the second level of shoulder, behind which will hide all the wires and ceiling. To perform this installation channel bar to the edge of the second ceiling layer, and attach thereto plasterboard shoulder width of 5-6 cm.

Further, zashpaklyuyte and jammed the second level of the ceiling.

The angle between the wall and ceiling Glue baguettes. To do this, put on a baguette with a spatula diluted glue and glue it.

After drying, the ceiling proceed to his painting.

The final step is to install the internal illumination to the second level niche.

It is best to carry out the installation of a suspended ceiling with the assistant. And the design of the ceiling will depend only on your imagination and skill

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