Pneumatic or electric tool - it is best to choose?

In this article we will try as you can understand in more detail so as to what to choose preferred hardware at your shop - on pneumatic or electric tools. Today we will focus on grinding machines. Once worked pneumatics and feeling just how effective it is to perform its basic tasks, compared with analogue electricity everyone starts to think about in order to convert its production completely under pneumatics. However, there is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. In order for this idea does not become a waste of your money you need to weigh everything that can be "for" and "against" in a particular configuration of the drive. It should initially determine the order, what kind of site or several sites at the same time you are going to be subjected to mechanization.

makes it clear buypnevmoshlifmashinuWhich has the following advantages:

1. increased safety against explosion (when working with dangerous dust in the atmosphere)

2. electrical safety (when using a conveyor)

3. continuity.

When using this type of grinding machines, we do not lose time for cooling and electric counterparts on all this will need about half an hour.

When choosing a need to take into account some other features of the pneumatic actuator operation:

1. Pneumatic grinding machine It implies, first of all, the presence of the maximum performance of the compressor. One machine requires about 400 liters per minute. Do not forget about the fact that in order for the air in the process is not lost in the air line is necessary to precisely match the diameter of the duct to prevent it from escaping.

2. Need air preparation and at the same quality. It must be the air dryer to the compressor. Directly to the consumer at a distance of about 10-12 meters you need to put the oil water separator and lubricator for the lubrication of the drive during its operation. Properly air is the basic condition for the proper operation of such machines.

3. pneumatic machine stronger sound than its electric "sister."

4. Weight pneumatic machines several times smaller than the electrical analog, although this advantage may be more severe blocked hose. But do not forget that we are talking about the production of one well-known company - SUMAKE and the weight of the hose in this respect a kind of guarantee of quality.

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