Home decorating wooden carvings

History ornaments carved wooden houses in Russia has enough roots. Grandparent house decor - Ship thread. Appearing on a section of the Volga became widespread. Initially, the thread had Vedic sense, protecting the home from evil gods. Natural elements are still present in traditional ornaments that adorn the building - sun, rain, fertility, people with animals and plants. Subsequently cult value of the thread was lost. Decorative elements become more artistic and symbolic.

Already in 1551 the king gave Ivan the Terrible at the Assumption Cathedral carved prestol- patterned roof standing on columns decorated with carved case, based on the figures of the four beasts.

Decorated farmhouses carved affair has become fashionable in the XIX century. Already the middle of the last century in the middle of Russia practically did not meet the house without carved architraves. It was since then a variety of shapes and designs, as a decoration method of the facade of the house became a distinctive feature of the Russian hinterland, and the facade became a characteristic ornament decoration. Decorating houses spread and soon the facade of any wooden house became richly decorated with carved ornaments, mainly gable and trim.

For better use of the thread softwood trees, and more resinous sufficiently resistant to the environment of use. Also used and deciduous. But the best material - cedar. Its wood is soft and homogeneous ideal for exposure cutter tool.

The main tools of the carver - a variety of sharpened incisors. When you perform many operations are widely used today power tools, The range of which is rapidly increasing. Buy Power Tools thread can be in specialized stores and through online stores

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