Do not like the dust in the repair, Hammer Makita HR2432 will help you!

Repairs - a delicate matter. And dusty. When it comes to the fact that the house is to drill a couple of holes, or worse yet, cut a few tiles directly represent haze across the flat and a layer of dust which settles wherever perhaps. Progress does not stand still, and he still came up to construction tools. Laziness - the engine of progress, as we know. Therefore, no special cleaning lovers will appreciate makita HR2432 deserved. In simple words, it is puncher with integrated vacuum cleaner. That is, he himself and suck all that out of him flying.

For such a miracle construction machinery designers had little "push" the engine and gearbox, and installed in the gap on the shaft with broad fan blades. no load fan on engine It does not, but allows sparseness air in the compartment between the gearbox and the engine (no doubt, it is well sealed). The main body has two pipes - the input and output. The first flexible hose connected to a second - hung bulk bag (filter).

"Vacuum" is fairly simple scheme - is passed through the nozzle head piece (most commonly a drill) and the ring on the contact side is pressed against the wall. Two tubes work on the principle of a telescope, so when immersed in the material tube length decreases. In order that the hose does not sag and does not interfere with the work for this was thought out connections.

All of this "simple enough" equipment picks up what could become sediment on the furniture in the bedroom or a slide dust on newly purchased carpet. If the cleaner is not needed when operating, its add-on components can be removed in seconds.

In the management of makita HR2432 similar to any other punch. It has three modes of operation, and the rotation speed of the disk is given the force pulling the trigger.. Worth to buy, buy can in our online store.

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