Relatively recently in the construction industry coined the term - spraying, what is it?

Relatively recently in the construction industry, a new all clear and well-known term - spraying. Its appearance is due to the use of the industry's latest technology, which can significantly improve construction processes. It is about modernization of concrete work, which is one of the cornerstones in the construction of buildings.

So, under wet spray coating process understand cement-sand mortar on the surface under air pressure. There are two kinds of work, which is taking place this quite complex, but very interesting process. The first of them - directly the construction of building structures. That is, when one-way valves set formwork and working mixture applied in several layers. It also is spraying, whereby a monolithic structure. As is known, monolithic building is now very popular in Russia. The second focus of this process the concrete work is the repair of buildings and application of protective layers on different sites. In such a situation, the task of working the mixture - strengthen, protect and provide surface isolation. Typically, it is applied a layer of the above-described technology. Note that you can not restrict spraying to any one particular type of work. In this process there are many interesting and useful applications. For example, using this technology are currently building a thin-walled reinforced concrete structures. In particular, it can be arches, vessels and any other structures having protuberances and depressions. It is also often used for the purpose of smoothing the gain structures of various types. If we talk about the use in agriculture, here the storage can also be erected with the use of application technology of cement-sand mixture under the pressure of the air. The same can be said about the construction of tunnels, bridges, cellars and many other objects. As you can see, the popularity of shotcrete virtually limitless. But Why choose it, rather than some other building technologies? What is the advantage of this type of process? The main advantage of the surface obtained using the shotcrete is its high mechanical strength and increased density. In connection with this building structures are much more resistant to moisture, they are not afraid temperature difference, even to an extremely low or abnormally high values. Another great advantage - a powerful clutch working mixture with a base surface. This ensures the solidity of the construction, and therefore the reliability is increased. About spraying can talk for a long time, as it has many facets and directions for use. We are finishing the story, giving you basic information about the process in construction. And any

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