Useful tips for those who decided to make repairs flats

To create the perfect home environment, pay attention to maintenance. First, decide on the amount of work that you want to do the repair. Overhaul involves replacing the electrical wiring, communications, water supply and heating, reorganization of space, and you can simply refresh an existing interior. The apartment can repair themselves or to attract professionals who will make the first of your choice interior design of the entire apartment or part thereof. Successful design is very important, on the one hand, it hides the flaws of the apartment, the other emphasizes dignity. An estimate on the existing volume of work, which will take into account your wishes for the selection of materials and costs. Consultants will choose the material for the repair and lighting systems used in the room, comfortable furnishings, designer linens and plenty of stylish stuff to change the interior design and space apartment. Redecorating is preferred in cases aimed at solving the problems of the change of colors apartment. Do you want to repaint the ceiling or suspended ceiling is better to apply to replace tattered animal wallpaper, paint the new frame of the door or put metal and plastic elements. Remove bored linoleum and lay on the floor or parquet flooring laminate plumbing change in the apartment.

Try to paste over the wall of a small room dark wallpaper with a large figure - and it will become even smaller. In the large hall and small patterns on the wallpaper strip get lost. The ideal option to use computer design software to select the color scheme and pattern of the walls of the apartment. Desktop model space in the room and are responsible for its decor. The store to choose wallpaper for the walls in St Petersburg, the expensive - luxury fabric and made of natural materials, wallpaper to affordable paper. Wallpaper change room beyond recognition, and existing production technology can make them washable, releasing their different widths, on substrates that are resistant to external influences. Quality wallpapers for different areas such as the entrance hall, favorite kitchen, living room or bedroom, different textures and colors.

When performing work on large-scale heating system replacement work, water and sewage pipes are made of metal-plastic material. In these papers do without replacement of existing parts and elements on modern or removal for restoration. Produce replacement metal flashings on the windows, which at the same time and close the gap and protects the wall from rain. Modern metal tides produce a polymer paint of various colors. Structurally, the tides are associated with slopes located outside. Therefore recommend to carry out this work together. The consultant will select materials that can insulate the apartment and isolate street noise. The range of materials intended for thermal insulation and isolation represented ursoy different thicknesses, different brands Isover, Rockwool different manufacturers is very wide in the shops of the city. Modern interior uses the door as standard hinged and sliding doors that change the space of the apartment, creating new zones. In the production of doors and partitions, modern materials and finishing materials are applied. Wood of different species, the glass with a light haze, a variety of surface textures create, allocate and give your interior a unique image. And of course, for all this work you require high-quality power toolsWho recommend buying the online store

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