Lawn mowers Husqvarna: review of additional accessories

For a country house and the adjoining area I want to find an easy way to keep it in perfect order. You say that this is impossible? But the Swedish company Husqvarna engineers have all been invented. Therefore, choosing a lawn mower for the lawn, you get really powerful, even and compact unit. The secret is an optional accessory.

However, the special magic was not there. Just a three-century history of the company's specialists know exactly how to cut grass and small shrubs really effective. Not in vain Husqvarna mowers popular for many years, not only in our country but throughout the world.

They are ideal in small areas where it is required from time to time, trim the grass and tidy up the edge of the track, or to prepare the ground for use in the new season. But no less effective these hardy devices and large areas, attention to that need literally every day.

As one of the principles of Engineering company Husqvarna - the maximum versatility of development, gasoline mowers It has the properties of a number of other devices in a line of garden tools through the use of proprietary attachments. On top of that their installation is very fast and does not require time-consuming or special skills.

So, modern lawn mower can be equipped with, for example, Beveller. Small but created taking into account the practical needs of a knife accurately process the edges of the lawn and create a perfect loop of paved paths you. In inaccessible corners of your site (for example, at the fences joints, under the benches, near the foundation of a country house) it is easy to penetrate the trimmer head. A job of cropping the grass of different stiffness can be carried out using a knife to grass.

Yes, and more serious problems can be a force mowers Husqvarna. This relatively simple device can not only cut the grass, but also to cultivate the soil. Change accessories - and you get a new device, which will significantly expand the functionality of the device. Due to convenient placement of controls and ergonomic handles, this technique will not tire you!

Note, all of these components are made of durable materials and have high wear resistance. And, for example, detail trimmer heads It can be changed individually at the expense of a special design. By the way, technology, purchased from an authorized dealer, has a special warranty and service. This is another important plus mowers Husqvarna. Buy certified garden tools available on our website

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