What tools do we need for tiling with tiles

During tiling mainly used such tools and devices as spatulas, plaster blade, pliers, wire cutters, generally level, chisel, poluterok, square, steel brushes, graters, brushes, a special tape with a coloring cord.

Tile - a special tool, which is only for a certain finishing work - tiling. With tile Tile cut to size and specific shape.

The device is a stand Tile shape resembling a horseshoe with two additional rubber dams. Around the edges - pen and a mobile cutter.

To trim its tiles are placed on the stand and conduct roving cutter. A slight bump on the handle incision is made, and the tile is split by a cut line.

Basically, after this cutting process, the edge of the tiles are uneven and sharp. To eliminate such defects sharp edges should be treated with carborundum bar or around coarse species. The whole procedure will not take much time, because ceramic tile is very malleable in the work.

There is also another kind of Tile. They have a large volume and is a table with supports, moves in the right rhythm and circular saws.

Bottom table is a container of water which serves to cool the working blade. This Tile is not only suitable for cutting standard-size tiles, but also large floor tiles and even marble.

However, the above tools are not available to every master. This is a significant lack of them. In most cases the cut tiles tilers using hammer with a tip resembling glass cutter.

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