How to build and repair without stepping on a rake

Oh, friends, it is not true that a person is afraid of fires, floods, droughts and other natural disasters. Repair apartment he fears most, rather than volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. No wonder there are so many sayings like "you can not complete the repair, it can only be stopped", and so on.

For example, recently my friend, who is one of the experts on repairs, to make repairs two-bedroom apartment window in Kommunarka. Is transmitted directly to the text of his speech: "The object has got this, what seemed at first sight - and do not do the year before it was launched. But sat and thought, at first outlined a general plan, then sketched a more detailed, with the division into stages, but already there and to the general project got that kind and has been compiled correctly, but does not take into account the initial state apartment. As a result, we surpassed even the most optimistic forecasts, the object passed in advance. And just because it did not mindlessly grab for something with which began the project - would have had to alter and to lose at this time. And so - it was well done "Probably, this instinct does not come immediately, and as they gain experience.. It is a pity that we rarely use other people's experiences and prefer to fill their own cones. And could greatly simplify your life even if the fact that the smart thing, based on the present knowledge of experts, to do repairs in your own apartment. And, accordingly, would not have been afraid of him. And of course, no repair can be done without quality elektrointrumenta, which you can buy online

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