Which boiler to house the best?

Choosing the boiler, be guided by a number of factors. First of all, we should resolve the issue of the material from which the pot is made. The basis for the manufacture of the gas boiler can be steel or cast iron. Boilers made of cast iron heavy enough. Their service life is 50 years. Cast-iron boilers often set in larger homes. Steel boiler much easier, but its life is limited to 15 years. In addition, steel boiler is more prone to rust.
A very important factor when choosing a boiler is the resistance in the combustion chamber, because in poor furnace needs more gas pressure. An excellent indicator of the resistance will be 1-1.5 mbar.
Work equipment for heating affects the quality of power supply. Continuous and stable operation is possible using the line filter or a voltage regulator. It is required to connect the boiler to an autonomous circuit breaker, then grounded.
It is better if you select the boiler is an electric fuse. When electrical ignition switch occurs when the boiler hot water supply, and turn off when the tap is closed. By purchasing the boiler, pay attention to the rest of the "bells and whistles" that will make the process more or less rational. Such functions are sometimes included, and sometimes connected to this model, being alone.

Almost all of today's gas-fired boilers produce output low temperature, only 100-120 degrees Celsius. But in the process of combustion is released carbon dioxide, water vapor, sulfur dioxide and other compounds, which rise up the chimney and thus cooled. Furthermore, water vapor when the temperature drops to 55 degrees, is transformed into condensate. Therefore, the result is a downward flowing mixture of acids, wherein high aggressiveness, since it can corrode the flue itself. The dew point of which is reached at 55 degrees, there is usually at the height of 4-5 meters. It is for this reason, if the height of 4-5 meters above the chimney needs to be done in stainless steel and thus well insulated.
Boilers can be wall and floor. Wall-mounted boilers is slightly similar to a mini-boiler, as they contain a pressure gauge, burner, circulation pump, heat exchanger, thermometer, expansion vessel and the safety system of the boiler.
Paying attention to another important issue - the ventilation in the boiler. Note that the ventilation gas boilers is compulsory and natural. For areas that do not have a chimney, a suitable boiler, which is integrated ventilation. The combustion products are thus outputted through the hole made in the wall. The disadvantage of these boilers found it quite a small capacity and release form, as they can only be wall mounted. It does not require a chimney and a gas condensing boiler pulse combustion, which is a novelty market.
Do not forget that installation of the boiler to the chimney must be done necessarily in a room that is ventilated. The room must have a separate outlet. The door should open easily to the flow of oxygen is constantly ensured.
Install the boiler should be 30-50 cm from the wall. The distance it individually for each model. Chimney inside diameter must be larger than the diameter of the throat of the boiler, but the number of bends and turns to a minimum.

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