A few tips to avoid deffektov after plaster

Result of gross errors made in the conduct of plastering, plaster may peel off, crack, and the geometry of space changes due to thick layers of plaster. As a result, we can observe a kind of "rake" in every season.

We will not dwell on the more detailed description of the problems and defects that arise during plastering work, but still want to share with you the most common problems and shortcomings plaster. Firstly, there are certain rules and regulations of repair work related to the stucco and plaster.

Plastering brick surface with a temperature above 23 ° C should moisturize the wall before the applied solution. Improved stucco a higher quality is performed on beacons with a thickness equal to the thickness of the plaster layer, without taking into account the skim coat.

Arranging a single layer coating, the surface should be razrovnena immediately after the solution has been applied. In applying the trowels leveled surface after grab solution.

When laminated plasters, each successive layer is applied after the previous grab. Primer leveled before the solution begins to grasp.

Stucco plaster products are installed on the wall after the grab and prosushatsya plaster base. Mounting of architectural details on the facade is made of rebar, which was incorporated into the design of the building and protected against rust.

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