What should I do if the ceiling is too low. 4 designer Board

The apartments are not infrequently turns out that the ceilings are too low, and just put pressure on the residents of the apartment. What to do in such cases? Designer offers a number of activities to visually "raise" the ceiling.

A source: https://instagram.com
A source: https://instagram.com

1. It should be possible to emphasize the vertical, all the furniture to try to put-to-ceiling cabinets and so on. Curtains hang from the ceiling as high as possible, it is desirable to even make a niche.

2. Increase the height of the doors, while there is as a visual effect, for example to paint the space above the door to the color of the door and physically install a higher door.

3.Tsvet ceiling paint in the same with the walls, this lack of boundaries, visually expands the space.

4. Use dark colors on the ceiling, is a radical option that looks great in the cafes and fashionable restaurants, and rarely in the apartments.

Do you agree with us? How high ceilings you?

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