Pros and Cons farturka glass in the kitchen.

The theme of the apron in the kitchen very intriguing moment, still much debate over what material is better. We gradually tell about all the options, revealing their strengths and weaknesses.

We begin with a glass coating.

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In the glass has a number of advantages, the main thing is the lack of seams, nothing will be clogged, no dirt and grease, and this surface is very easy to wash and clean, even if it is dirty.

In a pile of glass designs, the glass can be painted, you can make any design decisions and close the top transparent apron.

Often used and photo printing and wallpaper and paint the walls, you can select an independent figure on the glass. Interesting perhaps mirroring solution.

Of the minuses can only underline the need to find professionals for installation of paintings, if a small cloth is not so difficult to install, it's a large canvas, much more difficult.

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