How to replace the railing on the stairs with his hands

How to change the railing in the house. Railing in the house give the interior a special charm. Also railings are decorated. If you remove the old fencing products and establish new, there will be a dramatic change in the whole house. Install handrails should be correct.

With the help of a handrail can be simply and easily freshen up the ladder to make cosmetic repairs. Railing fixed to a wall, and the second handrail is fixed directly on the guard structure disposed with stair edge. Change the railing is not as difficult as it first seems, and sophisticated tool to use is not necessary.

Preparatory work

If you are going to change the railing, it is necessary to first collect all the necessary materials and components. You will need:

  • Set for the stair railing;
  • Connecting shaft;
  • Support column;
  • In addition you will need and a tool:
  • puncher;
  • bolts;
  • screws;
  • Screwdrivers of different sizes.

Since you'll be working with wood, the carpenter's glue is also handy. All tools for the work you can buy from an authorized dealer of Makita and Bosch

Instructions how to change the railing

The first thing you need to do is remove the old railing. Professional carpenters are advised to use this bit. Operate tool should be careful not to damage the other components of the staircase. In some cases, the ladder firmly pressed against the wall. And railing, respectively, too. To remove gently railings have to disturb the entire structure. See to it that no plaster has fallen off, the wallpaper is not damage, and so on.

When disconnect the railing, inspect the connecting shaft may be, it is quite suitable for further use.

What should be done next? Replace the support legs, begin to fix them to use the stairs can be very adhesive, and of connecting pins. When the rack strengthened, proceed to the mounting axes. Further work will be faster in the case if the support struts and axles are fixed securely. Attach to the railing construction is not difficult, and fix them all the more.

Further work is the grinding of new rails, priming and painting any composition. You can paint pigment and paint can, if wood products. Tree to hide it is not necessary, as it is in itself a separate decor. You have changed the railing.

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