At what altitude you need to hang up lamps? Parse the basic rules.

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You are planning or doing repairs and there comes a time when you need to plan the lighting in the apartment, at what height should be chandelier in the living room? In the hall? In the bathroom? Who will say that the height should be the same.

On catfish actually harder and we will answer and advise on what altitude it is necessary to place the lights and what to look for, to avoid problems in the future.

In order to properly answer this question, without professional designers are advised not to do, we are on this issue helped Daria Pilkova.

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The most optimal height for lights - about 250 centimeters, it is important that the lamp is at least 10 cm was higher than any of the doors in the hallway.

Living room

The living room is important to follow a simple rule, the lower the ceiling in a room and smaller size - the higher the luster.

Find optimum altitude from 180 to 230 cm.


In the bathroom, special attention is given to the wall lights and lamps, they should be at eye level, on this matter, who will be living in an apartment.


All that concerns the lighting of the space above the table or breakfast bar, then there is an unwritten rule, hanging lamps at a height of 80 cm from the worktop.

Would you like to live in this apartment? What would change?

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