The most common problem because of which usually does not warm heating and many did not know about it

Hello! Very often, I have been customers and complain that the heating system or works poorly or does not work. Especially a lot of calls at the beginning of the heating season, although in the process they are not enough.

Cause of the failure may be a lot, it's a problem with the boiler itself or automatic, with a pump problems, no traction, the cork the air, so many things can be. But today I will not speak of all, tell you about one and obvious, but for some reason many people do not take it into account, and immediately call the master, although most of its fix is ​​not difficult.

In general, any heating system before the pump is required to give the filter, it is called the sump, it can be either plastic (polypropylene) and a metal, but it looks the same way - an elongated sleeve with a tap at 45 ° and nut.

He needed for what would be the pump did not get any debris that may have hurt him. So, in this filter is a metal mesh, it often becomes clogged and the circulation of the coolant, or difficult, or even stops. All begin to sin at the pump or the boiler itself, but it's much easier as it turns out. :)

In order to rectify the situation you need to make a few simple steps. Be sure to close the two cranes facing the nose and after, otherwise you may scald yourself with boiling water! Then you need to take the key and unscrew the nut on the filter:

Next, pull out the mesh and check to see if clogged, then wash it with water under the tap, if necessary, clean the knife raid. Below you can see in what condition are these spider veins, and how there will be general circulation.

Generally my reticulum, more recommend to substitute something under the filter hole and a couple of times dramatically open up and close the valve, which would of took off garbage that is not settled on the grid. Do this very carefully, especially if the system is under pressure, still in hot water pipes!

Agree, complex or anything in it, you can carry out maintenance on their own and do not spend money on the wizard. The same filters are sometimes put on the water, because it can be a weak pressure at the tap, so cleaning the mesh so the same can fix and this situation. I hope the information was helpful to you, thank you for your attention and write comments! :)

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