Do not rush to change the pump for heating, in 90% of cases it is serviceable

It is now in full swing the heating season and I am sure that many have a problem when you start the system had disappeared circulation. In this situation, any adequate person will pay attention to the circulation pump, which is, of course, will not work.

Action in this case is very questionnaires - man is the master and change the old to the new pump. But 90% of the pump is fully serviceable and to make sure it is working, you need to make a few simple steps, which I'll tell you.

The pump has a shaft, which is a strong liking when the heating is not working for a long time, and when the heating season begins, we turn on the pump and the motor is not strong enough to rotate the shaft. Therefore, there is a feeling as if the pump burned out.

To correct this, do the following: two shut krana- before and after the pump, then take a flat screwdriver and loosen the plug from the end of the circulation pump.

Inside, you will see the shaft edge, it is sure to be a slot for a flat screwdriver.

Try to turn the shaft with a screwdriver, if you feel resistance - hence, it jammed. Pump at this time should be included in the network.

If the pump does not start, try to stir up the shaft by sliding it back and forth. After such a simple manipulation of the pump must run! If the shaft is able to rotate and the rotation does not start, then the reason is different, you can still check your cable, everything is okay with it, and whether the engine power is supplied. You can also check the very outlet, where the pump is connected.

More advice to open the electrical box and check the terminals, which connects the wire. It may also damage the capacitor, usually replacing it solves the problem.

I am sure that these simple tips will help you avoid unpleasant consequences. We had a case where a person has established dear mounted boiler, called the gas service, as there was no circulation, they came, they shrugged and left.

He called me, I removed the lining of the boiler and found that the pump is very hot (it was impossible to touch), I unscrewed the cap, cranked shaft, and he has earned. And if it came a little later, the pump can burn, at best. So make your conclusions yourself useful this advice or not :))

All good and thank you for your attention !!

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