Familiar Electrical showed how to connect between a welding cable without solder and crimping

Hello! My welding machine cable too short and then one day I decided to extend them. I bought the necessary length, but the question remains how to connect them to each other, what would it be safe and comfortable. Good thing I have a friend electrician, talking with him, he showed me a very interesting way to connect all welding cables and I'll show it to this hour! :)

So, first you need to prepare the cable itself, it needs to remove about 5 centimeters of insulation from the ends to be connected.

Then you need a little bit to straighten them:

Now hold ends on each other and begin to gradually put one wire to another, as pictured below.

Then firmly twist the wires, giving them a solid shape.

Now we need a piece of copper wire, I took a thickness of about 0.7 mm, it went perfectly.

This wire begin with an effort to wrap the cable connection can be on more often than in the photo, so more will be more reliable!

Now we take our beloved and versatile electrical tape and wrapped with a compound giving it a finished look.

Happened here is smooth and monolithic connection.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this connection is strong enough, the area of ​​contact between the wires and the good nor any soldering and crimping is not needed. I work in this cable for the second month and no problems, in general, I recommend! :)

Video of the manufacturing process:

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