I make a cool device for the kitchen out of the bottle and Corner

Today I'll show you how out of the ordinary bottle and polypropylene corner, make a very simple and useful tool for the kitchen. It is very simple and it is designed for semi-automatic flat minced meat on skewers, in general, an apparatus for manufacturing lyulyashek. :) It turned out really cool and fun, so I advise you to look to the end, the idea is simple and really useful!

Thus, the need for making homemade:

  1. Plastic bottle, a volume of 0.5 liters.
  2. Aluminum can also 0.5 liters.
  3. Polypropylene corner ⌀25
  4. skewers
  5. Screwdriver, soldering iron or hair dryer building
  6. Stuffing :)

Making homemade

So, the first thing to do is to take a corner and in the middle to make a hole, the drill should be a little bit more than the thickness of the skewers.

Skewer should be good to go in the hole, but do not hang out.

Now it is necessary to wind the corner of the neck of the bottle, for this you need a soldering iron or a hair dryer to warm corner in and screwed on the thread, I think here or anything complicated. :) The hole should be the side of the bottle, not the top!

Now cut off from the bottom of a bottle. Mandatory time - bottle must be completely smooth without corrugations, twists and other design decisions, or that does not work!

The result is such a design, we get:

Once again I remind you that the hole must be drilled exactly in the center, it is a prerequisite for normal devices!

And one more photo of the finished design :)


Now it's time to test the gadget and see him at work. For this we need beef, it must be thick, not watery, or lula you fall off. :) Put the stuffing in the bottle:

Now we put the bottle on aluminum cans, it is desirable that it was a drink, sealed and put the skewer into the opening, making a little edition.

Then press down on the area, and a plastic bottle. Stuffing vylazit starts from the corner, this time need to slowly get skewers and you will see how easy it begins to form a kebab, it's really easy! :) Below you can see how it happens:

If you notice, I do not have a reliable Lula turned out :) but that's because I had a very watery beef, that's what I said above! That's all, I hope you liked the idea.

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