How to lay carpet in the room with his hands

Kovralin is one of the easiest materials as finish flooring. Kovralin can lay yourselfWithout special skills and without the need for outside help. But you need to know a few things that we consider. Laying kovralin similar to linoleum flooring.

Before you begin laying kovralin must be carefully aligned the floor. If the concrete floor to do a good thoroughly aligned brace, then spreading the substrate, which gives smoothness concrete and serves as insulation. If the floors are wood, they should be to align the hardboard or plywood sheets, but if the wood floor perfectly smooth substrate is not necessary. The substrate is more like sound insulator. If kovralin spreads to the floor substrate is desirable, so as not to spoil the varnish parquet (suddenly you decide to restore the old look to your floors).

So, kovralin can lay several ways: No gluing to the floor. This method is used in small rooms where space for mounting, all took one canvas. This method is still good and the fact that when you change the old flooring kovralin can be removed without damaging it and without damaging the substrate and plywood. To lay this way takes a piece kovralin spread out across the floor space, carefully leveled, cut corners in the V-shaped, cut off the excess fabric edge, again carefully leveled and nailed plinth, holding it as close as possible to the kovralin.

To kovralin not "crawl" on the floor used without bonding connections This method is applicable in small rooms with large capacity (corridors, hallways, living rooms). Kovralin to paste, cut out a piece of fabric a little more room for 2-3 cm on each side, is rolled out across the room, cut the corners as in the first method.

Further kovralin roll half, apply a small amount of glue spatula and gradually unroll kovralin and so on to the wall. Then roll up the other half of the track and do the same procedure. Install the plinth. used PVA glue, or analogs thereof for bonding kovralin. If the substrate of your kovralin made on the basis of natural jute, be careful not to apply a thick layer of glue, otherwise you can damage the foundation kovralin.

The next type of flooring kovralin is sticking to the connection of several paintings kovralin. It is used in large rooms, where there is no one piece of kovralin and in areas with high traffic. It is in the halls, living rooms, offices. To join two or more pieces of kovralin need to spread the two pieces across the floor space as in previous methods, cut out them, the pieces have to crawl on top of each other on 2-3 cm. Glue the two pieces kovralin to the floor as it was done in the second method.

Then you need a knife (it's best cobbler or office) to cut both pieces kovralin ruler. Turn down both sides of the kovralin, coat with glue and pressed edge. It is advisable to put on the joint for a while cargo. Further it is desirable to close the butt splice tape for kovralin or plastic doorsteps desired length and small width.

There is another way kovralin flooring, but it requires some skill and adequate skills. This method is called stretching. Kovralin is cut and stacked all over the room. Along the walls stacked with small slats hammered nails at a slight angle. And with the help of these strips tensioned fabric it uses property kovralin elasticity. In this floor covering is obtained perfectly smooth, without any wrinkles and hillocks.

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