The problem of plumbers and builders: whether it is necessary to warm up before work, personal experience

Hello! I work as a plumber for over 10 years and recently faced with certain problems that interfere with work and very churned with thoughts. Today I want to talk about quite a common problem particularly affecting plumbers, but also the actual builders and people working physically.

I'm talking about severe pain in the muscles of the arms, which occurs suddenly and does not let the whole working day. I ran into this about a year ago, when the pipes are welded polypropylene fiftieth the diameter of the pain first appeared, and since then did not let up until recently. Especially hurt the muscles of his right hand, such nagging and nagging pain, because of which it was very difficult to make an effort, but just raise your hand up was hard. This pain occurred at a time when the work was related to the welding of polypropylene pipes, when the amount was large.

That I just have not tried, any ointments, injections, tablets, pain really was unbearable, did not know what to do. The solution came by itself, worked somehow, soldered pipes, and felt that began, I stopped, shook hands in the different sides, and felt that the pain subsided. Then I had a discussion with myself in my head, it's not casual, and the pain goes away after it, I just turned the hands. :)

From the next day I decided to do a workout before work, perform a few simple exercises, or anything complicated, tilts, turns, ups, and so on. Over time, the pain stopped me to get, was gone completely, and all through simple exercises that are known to all! And so, without any pills and ointments I got rid of this problem, a simple and useful for health.

And how do you manage to cope with this problem? Write in the comments and thank you for your attention! :)

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