Device for grinders to smooth the cut metal and other materials!

Hello! Today make interesting, and most importantly useful device for the grinder, which is useful for any webmaster or lover to do everything with their own hands. For the manufacture of home-made take a little time, all the materials are available, I hope you like it, put the Huskies and subscribe to my channel!

Manufacturing. step №1

To start to cut the two sheet metal strips, a width of 6 cm and length 20 cm. Metal desirable to use the thicker, the minimum 0.30 cm possible. Cut and grind the edges.

Further, on the blanks do markup departing from edges 3 cm width and divide in half.

Vertical line center drill hole.

Then you need to turn the workpiece and clamp it in a vise on the marked line, using a hammer, bend at a slight angle. We do the same thing with the second workpiece.

From the opposite end must be cut exactly 7 centimeters.

Now, with the end of the need to weld the cut thread.

Then, the workpiece to fasten two grinders holes for the handle, as pictured below, the corners should converge together. In such a situation must be welded to a second workpiece first.

Well cut the excess thread on both sides, leaving about 3 cm.

Manufacturing. step №2

Now we proceed to the production of the second part of the device. For this purpose, a width of 11 cm will need a sheet metal segment and a length of 24 cm. At one end of the workpiece, it is necessary to round off the corners to retreat to 2 cm and make a layout, then hold down the line in a vice and bent at a slight angle.

Further, the left end, it is necessary to make propyl, slightly larger than the diameter of the cutting disc grinders. Mark need as follows: from the edge retreat 1.5 cm and 2.5 cm.

In the thread first workpiece, cheat nuts, puts it to the second, to the line, as pictured below and in the plane of the nut welds.

From above, it is necessary to weld another nut in it will twist the handle.

Device is ready, set it on the grinder, fasten the handle and use! It is designed for smooth cutting of metal, wood and other materials, according to the guide.

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