Sandblaster from a gas cylinder with their own hands

Hello! Homemade gas bottle is incredibly much, but nothing new has come up with some barbecues, furnaces and smokehouse. Today you will learn about a cool idea, with which you can make a really useful device for your home, work or shop. We produce, the apparatus for sandblasting. I hope you will like it!

Making homemade

For this homemade, used propane cylinder mid-size to 27 liters. The first step is to prepare the balloon, and it should be carefully cut off the handle and remove the valve. That he had not struck you the ceiling, the balloon must be completely empty!

A very important point! In order to avoid an accident, be sure to rinse the bottle, since the condensate remaining in it, is explosive! Therefore, you need some time to fill with water and drain, and when performing welding operations, to fill more than half.

Now you will need a steel sleeve 50 mm in diameter, puts it in the hole for the valve, a marker draw out and cut a circle hole under it, in the cylinder.

Further, it is necessary to clean the cut place and the projecting parts then welded sleeve into place.

Now you need to make a layout for poldyuymovuyu thread in the top of the container, from the side. Then drill hole and weld threaded.

you need to cut the reference shoe, since it is no longer needed! Use of the grinding wheel, remove all paint and rust from the surface.

At the bottom of the container, as well drill hole and the thread welds. After completion of the welding work, be sure to check the joints for leaks, for that pumped the balloon with air and soap solution, coated with grout.

Next you will need a profiled tube, and more specifically, a segment 2 of 300 mm. Grind them and welds transversely to the cylinder.

Now, you need to take the 2nd half-inch pipe and bend them, as in the photo below, and then welded to the profile.

For ease of transport, need to be welded to the base, wheels, in this case, use the existing wheels with the axis.

In order that the device could be put in a vertical position, it is necessary to weld a support in the form of a pipe and a washer on the end.

Now paint the resulting unit, in any desired color.

Welded sleeve 50 mm, will serve as the filling hole in her need, screw cap and welded to it a piece of rebar, for what would have been convenient to unscrew.

The assembly unit

For normal operation of the product will need moisture separator. To the top half inch thread, pack tee valve with, a dehumidifier with a pressure gauge and further bystrosom.

To the lower thread, and pack tee fitting on each side.

Next, you need to connect the hoses, I recommend to use a small aperture, ideal, oxygen. We connect the upper fitting with the bottom, and the second nipple, clings hose connecting the gun.

I recommend to buy a ready-blasting gun and that does not invent, the more you can take the cheapest!

Working with the machine

Be sure to sift sand through a fine sieve, and then dry it in the fire. Prepared sand filled in the machine, and then connect the compressor. Open the top valve completely.

Lower valve, regulating the flow of sand. After finishing work, valves must be closed in the reverse order.

The device is ready for use, that such beauty has turned out:

Video of the apparatus

A source: TeraFox

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