Notes plumbing: Oshibochka out!

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Photos from the site

About four months ago, I went to a neighboring village to watch the work, called the girl and asked to come to count. It was necessary to carry out the water from the well to the house, put the pump station, and of wiring around the house done. Came, talked, made a rough estimate, he said that he would think later call.

I had forgotten for her, when suddenly the phone rang a few days ago, in which I heard the voice of dissatisfied women. Of course, I did not recognize her, but the conversation to remember for a long time :)

- Hello!
- Hello!
- What do you ponadelali me here, come and resolve their doorsteps!

I was a bit shocked by what he heard, because I did not expect such a collision, it began to calm, to deduce the truth.

- Girl, you do not accidentally the wrong number?
- You spent me water from the well, I've got everything flowing and not pump
It works, or you do not want to eliminate? Then I'm with you on the other
I will speak!

I slowly began to remember, I asked where he lives, and then I remembered it, did come, felt, but then she told me never called back!

- Girl, you are or what not beguiled? I came to you, everything you thought,
agreed that the call, but did not call!

In general, some how to make sure that I'm not the one for whom it takes me. I guess that would not lose the image, even did not apologize, and immediately invited me to come and see, but of course I refused!

The conclusion is: The man wanted to save and invited local artists who have made it the water for the kickback, I did not see their work, but it seems that they are there ponadelali. I drove on for a reason, not understanding, and even when things turned out, did not deign to apologize, I pretended that everything exactly wrong, but what is not clear. In general, often such people who believe that they all have, and it's sad!

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