Tool for summer residents and gardeners from the trash!

Hello! Today I'll show you how to make a very useful tool for any summer resident, gardener or horticulturist. Made simply from the fact that there are at hand, and to cope with its task much better than a standard tool for the garden. I hope you enjoy, so please Like and subscribe!

For the manufacture of home-made need a piece of the shank length of about 20-30 cm, the sizes are selected at random!

Then, using a grinder, it is necessary to hone a shank edge with a bevel on one side.

Next take two armature pieces or sticks to 30 centimeters, and gnom them as shown in the picture below.

Then, using the welding machine welds the workpiece to the blade at an angle of approximately 45° as in the photo below, I think everything is clear and difficulties will not arise!

After welding, the metal grind and clean by welds.

As many guessed, we turned the chopper for cultivation of weeds :) Now you need to make derzhak for it, this is perfect for a piece of metal pipe to be welded to the product, as in the photo below. Scald him on either side, we clean the seam and, if desired, you can paint the whole thing.

With the help of this device is very easy to cultivate the land, much better and more efficiently than a conventional chopper. Due to the bevel of the blade on one side, cut the plants is fast and it needs to make a minimum of effort and also land good friable. Below you can see a video of the work of this device, I hope you like the idea!

Video Work Tool

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