Cunning masters, that will facilitate your work and save time!

Hello! When creating the next project or just working in the studio, we are faced with some difficulties and facilities that take up valuable time. To facilitate your work I open a new section where I will share tips and quick homemade products for the workshop, thanks to which, you can save time and effort, I hope you like it. And write your opinion in the comments, it would be nice if you are there, share their experiences and new ideas for the next release!

Adaptations for sandpaper

In order to precisely cut a strip of sandpaper, we either open her hands, or use a pair of scissors, a knife or razor blade. The first way is not always possible to do this exactly, and efforts must be applied, and the cutting material always somewhere to get lost. Here's a simple technique that will always be on hand and will not be lost. For the manufacture of needed painting on metal, 2 screws and 2 washers.

Find a comfortable place, I chose to end the desktop, fasten the canvas horizontally, teeth up (you can down to me so it is more convenient), under the canvas you need to put a puck that would have space left for what would be possible to push nazhdachku.

In order to be a bit of stretch fabric, I twisted one screw slightly at an angle.

Homemade works is very simple, you need to stick the sandpaper between the web and the plane toward the cloves and press. Nazhdachka easily and precisely cut off, even the largest, fast and convenient, I can assume that if the grind cutting of the fabric, then this procedure will be even easier, you can see how the device below working!

Fast cleaning swarf

After I work on a drill press, formed around a pile of metal shavings, which I usually brush up. But recently I spied a very easy and suitable way that is now I use constantly. To implement it, you need to take a transparent packing bags and round magnet.

Magnet to put in a bag and turn upside down, then hold the magnet on the chip, it primagnititsya, then gut-wrenching package and chips remains inside. Very convenient, is now doing so permanently, by the way of the chips package is poured without problems and almost clinging to it! Below you can see how this method works well, and that's it, subscribe to my channel, I would not miss the next issue and put the Huskies!!

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