How do I get rid of a hangover: The best way is not yet invented

Hello! Soon the New Year holidays, the feast and fun, but often in the morning, after yesterday, we are experiencing the so-called "hangover" from which it is very difficult to get rid of state think many familiar! :) Today I will tell you how he cope with this disease, and I hope you will come in handy.

So wake up in the morning in a terrible state, usually only eat the product, so the headache I have not seen. Before gatherings necessarily prepares, I buy a bottle of mineral water, carbonated sure and instant noodles.

Step one:

Drink cup mineral is required a ritual immediately feel like the esophagus falls cool fluid and the body starts to gradually awaken.

Step Two:

I pour a glass of carbonated necessarily Thane or ayran, after he gets inside, the stomach is gradually showing signs of life. :)

By the way so you can substitute yogurt mixed with a highly carbonated mineral water, it will be even better.

Mineral water mixed with Thane - a great tool for a hangover!
Mineral water mixed with Thane - a great tool for a hangover!

Step Three:

I make any instant noodles. Personally for me this is the best saving - something hot to eat something. Of course, ideally, it would be better shulyum at the stake or homemade chicken noodle, but personally I am, after such moments, is not capable of culinary feats. :)

Following these three actions I start to feel much better. And if you gather yourself together and go for a walk in the fresh air, you can be sure that the hangover is almost completely held.

There is another way, which is quite popular to quote the words of the famous works of Mikhail Bulgakov:

No headache tablets will not help you. Follow the wise old rule - treat like with like. The only thing that will bring you back to life, it is two glasses of vodka with spicy and hot hors d'oeuvres.

And how do you deal with a hangover? Share their experiences and recipes in the comments, I think it will be interesting not only to me. :) That's all, thank you for your attention and remember that alcohol is harmful to your health and the surest way to get rid of a hangover - it's just a drink! :)

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