Threaded on polypropylene: I was very surprised by the result

Hello! Today I would like to experiment a bit and show you an easy way with which you can cut a good thread on polypropylene tube. Also connect the resulting workpiece to the water and see how much is reliable connection.

So, I need to experiment, construction hairdryer, polypropylene pipe diameter 20 th and what may be a metal fitting with internal thread, in my case, a crane with stranded clutch. In order to cut the thread, you need to evenly heat the end of the pipe but without overheating it.

Some do it by using the welding machine for polypropylene, but I would not recommend doing so, as the nozzle shoots a lot of plastic and carving turns unreliable.

After taking the warmed pipe metal sleeve and crushing, the swirl tube the thread. I continue cranking until the head cools down and then twist has to be difficult, in general, as far as possible. The main thing to feel the whole process, that would not go too far.

Then give plasticity to cool slightly and unscrews the pipe from the coupling.

The result is such a beautiful carving, flat and deep enough! Next, I wanted to check on how much a strong and tight connection, for that on the other end of the pipe cut up another thread, packed the back valve and the other end is connected to the water supply.

Next, opened the tap, pulled the air and waited. I have further penetrated the well and installed a pumping station, a system pressure of 3.2 atmosphere, I think for test enough, waiting about half an hour, there was no hint of the flow, the connection has turned out very tight and strong. From the above we would like to conclude that the method does work and it can be easily to put into practice when no other options, such as situations occur always, at home and at facility.

Below you can watch the full video where I show in detail how threaded connection and tested for leaks.

Personally, I use the compound in such a way that binds well, for example if the packed small-diameter pipe, the valve extends, and the connecting sleeve have polypropylene. Then I tapped and twists the tube directly into the valve keeps excellent problems and has not yet been encountered. And about his thoughts on this subject, you can write in the comments, thank you all for your attention! :)

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