I thought for a moment and made the old pump is a very useful tool for the workshop

I work as a plumber in our village is very tight with water, half there is no central water supply system, and if there is something not all water is good, considering that 21 in the yard. :) So, the benefit of that underground water is sufficient, and 7 meters and 15, so people from despair drilled and beat well. This is what I am, moreover, it is often necessary to change the pumping stations, put new and the old people give, they're going to, I sometimes I touch them and do one of the three. :)

But this time the idea came to me to do something out of the engine itself, a little thought, the idea came fabricate grinder for the workshop, but during the construction took another optional feature turned machine 2 to 1. :)

All show the manufacturing process will not show the finished instrument, and I think there will be everything is clear. And here is the patient himself, he stood on a central water supply (pressure, too, not all good):

And that's what happened in the end, the following will describe and show you all the parts of this machine:

I removed the pump, also removed the cooling fan and removed the lid, cut unnecessary attachment that would not hurt or anything. Hour motor bolted to the bench with bolts. Here is the grinder design:

On the size of the nozzle made foot mounting bench, as the roller bearings used old, stretch, and ease of installation tips lower part of the roller made from a spring. The pulley made from a tree, too, on a homemade machine, installed on the drain side of the pump the pump:

On the other hand threaded and tightened drill chuck from:

In him, I clamp the petal tip with sandpaper:

On the whole, was very convenient machine, whether it is installed under the bench, it does not prevent, and always at hand. Below you can see how I fill nozzle and how it works.

As for the cost, it has managed it to me for free, because everything I had in inventory. I hope the information was useful to you and thank you all for your attention! :)

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