Homemade grinder from the old pump

Recently he published an article where I talked about how from the old pump made machine 2 in 1 workshop, a structure which included grinder (or something similar to it) and chuck read it can be here.

Some time later, came to me a couple of stations that came to me after the replacement with new ones. :) Without thinking, the idea came to me to make a stationary sander, and what came of it, see below! So, here is how the pump itself, or rather one of them, but they are on the same power:

But the parameters of the engine that has been used as the basis for the machine, by the way in the photo above other engine, but with the same parametres, I just did a photo at a time when the machine has already been made:

Next, I removed the pump and motor installed "upside down" on a workbench. Motor power let through a conventional light switch, which are located in the same place.

Pre-cut portion of the shaft and tapped, tried to make it as even as possible, sort out. :)

As I will use abrasive grinding wheel with Velcro, the way the threads I cut it for him:

And here's what a machine in an already assembled form or who do not mind and always at hand.

In addition, the site made from a piece of wood, it is attached with long studs, which are twisted in the mounting holes of the pump.

Maybe someone will say that the farm :) but personally suits me, with its function handles great and arrangement under the bench comfortable enough, although in the last article, I criticized for it and urged to reverse. There is a small run-out, but it was not significant, it probably occurs due to the self-made thread as it sliced ​​count on his knees.

That's from the old pump, a compact machine for the workshop, thank you all for your attention! ))

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