3 months ago I bought expensive metal and not nearly regretted it

Hello! I have a friend, and he has been seeking a treasure, it is not a cheap device, but got away with it once on a cop, hit on the idea to buy yourself a metal detector, and, very much I liked the process.

And now, after a while, I still have collected the required amount and bought a long-awaited device, immediately I took less professional staff, as I was told that after all exactly want something in more powerful and it's better. The name, price and the firm will not divulge, write in the comments if you need someone, in general it looks like this:

Very easy to use, adjustable in height, distinguishes metals, in general, everything I wanted and more. :) immediately went to the field in place of the abandoned settlements, to test the device for a long time could not understand with the settings and therefore in the first month of digging everything, quite addictive activity and captivating. Two weeks dripped's a bunch of different black metal, then about 300 kilograms:

Very often come across hefty metal parts of tractors and other agricultural machinery, such as this one track of the tracks:

By passing the scrap there were also more interesting pieces, such as the various parts of some items, clocks, plaques, badges, or valves from the old samovar:

It was the second stage of my acquaintance with this hobby :) third stage is more interesting. When I figured out the device settings, started more or less distinguish the signal and the reading on the display, already knew about what lies under the soil, the size of which metal and whether it is worth spending time on cop. Already began to appear coins, here for example are:

Not so rarely come across and silver coins, I even managed to make a pair pogodovok (this is very much appreciated), although some of the missing coin had to change or buy from his colleagues :)

I'll be back to the metal pile, dug out for two weeks, as I said there are about 300 kg, given the cost of ferrous metal, in our region it is 13 rubles, I earned 3,900 rubles on this! Not that that would be a huge amount, but still a nice bonus, especially not particularly strained. :) Much more can be earned by selling or changing at auctions and between colleagues, coins, various utensils and appliances. But it all really lies beneath our feet, in the ground, you only need to dig and take. By the way you can easily find and unique, rare coins, for which many coin collectors are willing to pay a round sum!

Some of course this hour will condemn me and people like me, but I can only say that the forest and the field I'm not for profit, it is not necessary, go to I got there that like to relax, because everyone does it their own way, and the money that I can help out, as mentioned above, just a nice bonus. :)

Thank you all for your attention, I hope the information was useful and interesting to you, so I beg you, put Like! :)

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