How to embed a loop of underfloor heating system in the metal that it worked

Hello! Kum doing repairs in the bathroom, decided to wind it warm floor, and of course take this opportunity to call me for the implementation of this idea. The problem was that he had a metal heating system with welded bypass and the pump for better circulation. In fact, the complex here that is not present and it is done in just a day, in the presence of the familiar welding and plumbing.

In general, this hour all the details and I will explain to what I did, of course forward constructive criticism in the comments, without it no where! :))

I must say that I will use for warm floor cross-linked polyethylene, because I believe that a more reliable material for these purposes is not there. Some shake their metal and plastic, and praise him, but I have plenty of occasions and reasons not to trust him, and even more to fill the pipe in concrete!

In my practice cases, tapping floor heating system in the metal, not a few, so I already knew what to do. In order that would have worked fine floors, it is necessary to cut the tap in the return line and the heating supply. The return line can be embedded anywhere, I do it right in the room bathroom:

But supply has connected downstream of the pump. Note that in this case the bypass is installed it on the pitch! I had to add a metal insert at the bottom, as polypropylene tee did not fit and the crane moved the tee for.

I did it in order to urge them to pass, thereby distributing the flow in case warm floor will be bad warming.

To not interfere with the pipe and it was less clear polypropylene brought closer to the supply connection pipe with warm Floor socket slightly tilted downward to the soldering to air and leaving a polypropylene tube secured little under bias.

Now you only have to wind warm floor, the room is small, only 8 square meters, so we did it for half an hour and that's what happened:

The substrate-heater used penoplex 30 mm thick, wound on the metal mesh welded to the width of the cells 15x15 mm. After winding and connecting pipes filled with water, he kicked the air and checked the circulation, it works! :) You're just pour concrete floors and start repairing.

I hope the information was helpful to you, thank you all for your attention!

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